Gentle Sedation Dentistry

Everyone’s been a bit nervous for a dental procedure at one time or another. That’s why we offer every type of comfort, some of which you probably didn’t know existed at a dental office.

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All the Comforts You Can Imagine (and then some)

We’ll make your visit as comfortable as you want it to be. While we’re working on your teeth, you can:

  • Watch a movie or a TV show.
  • Listen to music.
  • Enjoy a massage chair.
  • Relax with some laughing gas.
  • Go for deeper relaxation with ultra-light sedation.
  • Ask for a blanket or neck pillow.

Ultra-light Sedation, If Needed

For longer, more involved visits, you may prefer not to remember a thing about it. We have a variety of ultra-light, safe sedation options — from simple pills to IVs — to totally relax you.

You Choose When to Stop or Take a Break

If you decide you want to stop your visit for whatever reason, or you just need a break, Dr. Hill will do so as soon as it’s safe. Also, if something doesn’t feel quite right, give him the signal and he’ll stand back to reassess the procedure, amount of anesthetic, etc.

Personalized Comfort Every Time

We’ll record exactly what made you feel the most comfortable, so the next time you visit, you’ll enjoy the same comforts without having to remember what they were.