Cosmetic & General Dentistry

As you can tell from his photographs, Dr. Hill possesses an eye for artistry and beauty. More importantly for you perhaps, his dental work shows that he has artistic hands as well.

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He has advanced training and experience

An 11-year veteran of dentistry, Dr. Hill has undergone advanced training that most dentists have not. His great accomplishment is completing all of the courses offered in the prestigious and rigorous Dr. Dick Barnes Group Continuum, covering reconstructive, rehabilitative, and fine cosmetic dentistry.

Requiring three years to complete, and over 15 two-day sessions, these courses not only feature training from some of the world’s top dental instructors, they also provide hands-on experience with live patients.

He listens and diagnoses with you

Dr. Hill truly listens to everything you have to say about your teeth. And he’s a big believer in co-diagnosis, the process of creating the best course of action with you, as opposed to him simply telling you what he thinks.

He knows that your appearance matters

How good your teeth look is something that matters, not because you’re vain, but because you’re in the public eye. If you have had a hodgepodge of dental work over the years and don’t love your appearance, Dr. Hill knows how to help transform it into an attractive, uniform, healthy look. This is one of his favorite aspects of dentistry.

He takes time for the finishing touches

We pad your appointments with a little extra time, so that Dr. Hill can make the finishing, artistic touches on your teeth that some dentists are in too much of a hurry to do. He makes sure everything is perfect and feels right to you.

He’s your aesthetic consultant

Not sure whether to enhance what you have, get a whole new look, or keep things exactly as they are? Dr. Hill has the experience and judgment to give you the right recommendation.